Coolest Places to Hang Out in Albuquerque

Call your friends to chill with you and have fun! The coolest places to hangout in Albuquerque will make it worth spending the weekend. We have listed some ideal places to hang out that will perfectly fit your mood.

I Scream Ice Cream

If you are craving something sweet, this dessert shop, I Scream Ice Cream at Altura Park, will satisfy your craving. All flavors such as Cherry Ice Cream, Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Spumoni Ice Cream are a must-try experience especially to people who love to eat sweets! You will never get enough playing with flavors and toppings. In fact, so much that your blood sugar might not take it. Slow down a bit and come back again tomorrow!

Cutbow Coffee Roastology

If you are looking for a place to grab a coffee with your friends, why not sit down and try something from Cutbow Coffee Roastology’s menu list. Their love for coffee is just as deep as their love for their customers. You will not leave their coffee shop wanting for more. Find Cutbow Coffee Roastology along Rio Grande Boulevard and enjoy roasted hot or cold coffee with good music.


Are you looking for a place to enjoy with friends or even strangers? Anodyne, a pool and billiards bar will provide you and your friends a place where you can sit, play and drink. Have fun playing pool with your friends and expand your circle by inviting new people to join in.  This is one of the coolest places to unwind, but just a safety reminder, do not drive when you had a few!