Delivery While Distancing – Enjoy ABQ’s Cuisine From Your Hotel

Social distancing is important, but you still need to eat – fortunately, these great restaurants are offering delivery options!

Delivery While Distancing - Enjoy ABQ's Cuisine From Your Hotel

Cocina Azul

This Mexican joint is a great option, considering Albuquerque is known to have some delicious Mexican food.  Enjoy their breakfast platter, with eggs, pancakes, and bacon or sausage, or you can order in lunch or dinner.  Try their posole stew, with corn, chile, and pork, then follow with their combo plate, which includes a tamale, enchilada, taco, and chile relleno.

66 Diner

This 50s-themed dinner serves excellent food, like meatloaf flooded with brown gravy or crispy chicken-fried steak.  If you’re craving a juicy burger, try their Diamondback, topped with bacon, pepperjack cheese, and jalapeno peppers.  Pair it with a peanut butter banana shake!


Technically, Vinaigrette is closed right now.  But they’ll be reopening on April 1st with a new delivery menu to ensure that they help feed everyone who wants a break from cooking during this pandemic.  Expect to see their full and innovative salads on that menu, as well as creamy macaroni and cheese, and their fresh, filling sandwiches.

El Patio

Enjoy the best of local cuisine from your hotel room.  Try their infamous green chile chicken enchiladas or a stuffed sopapilla topped with green chile sauce. Don’t miss out on their watermelon limeade.

Pollito Con Papas

Enjoy Peruvian charcoal chicken, perfectly spiced and roasted in a traditional method.  It comes with fries, which you should exchange for their delicate cilantro rice, and don’t forget to order a side of fried yuca.  You’ll need extra of their fried aji sauce, because you’re going to want to eat it with a spoon!

Enjoy tasting ABQ’s delicious, fresh cuisine even if you’re visiting during lockdown!