Explore Albuquerque Through The Museums

If you’re looking for a way to experience Albuquerque on a rainy day, hit some of the city’s best museums!

Explore Albuquerque Through The Museums

National Hispanic Cultural Center

Learn about the lasting influences of Spanish and Mexican settlers on Albuquerque culture at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.  Exhibits range from Hispanic-created art to informational documentation of the Latinx sufferage movement.  You’ll see that the museum covers the history dating back to the earliest settlers to the role Hispanic people play in the ABQ community today.

Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Another crucial demographic at the heart of Albuquerque is the Native American population and you can learn more about their life then and now at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center.  See authentic native craftwork, from pottery to beading, as well as artifacts from the past few centuries.  You can even try some delicious Native recipes in the onsite restaurant, Pueblo Harvest.

Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum

Hot air balloons are quite popular in Albuquerque, as you can see from the number of festivals dedicated to the sport throughout the year.  The Balloon Museum lets you learn more about how hot air balloons began and grew in popularity, as well as how they contribute to the world, including in the field of scientific discovery.  You can even take a ride in a virtual hot air balloon!

Holocaust and Intolerance Museum Of New Mexico

The Holocaust may be the most famous genocide in history, but it’s not the only.  Learn about different instances of racism and prejudice through the millenia, and how that train of thinking never achieves the goals sought by the leaders.  This museum is dark, certainly, but it’s also so important in the message and lessons it conveys.  It’s definitely worth a visit while you’re in Albuquerque.

Have a great time exploring Albuquerque museums while you’re in town!