Exploring Prehistoric Paths in Mexico

Come and visit Las Cruces! It is a city in New Mexico that offers a huge number of outdoor activities. You can hike, bike, do some horseback riding and enjoy the off-highway vehicle trails! If you still do not know where to start once you arrive, I recommend you to visit The Prehistoric Trackways National Monument. These trackways became a National Monument in 2009 not just to protect the beautiful desert but also the history behind it. So, if you want to have an amazing adventure and also an educational experience, come!

Prehistoric Trackways

From the name of the place itself: “Prehistoric Trackways”, you will now have the knowledge that the area holds geological and scientific significance. Paleozoic Era tracks were found in 1987 by the Paleontological field researcher Jerry Paul MacDonald. He recounts using his knowledge of the fossil discoveries to those who visit the Robledo Mountains and point to the exact site where he discovered footprints of the few amphibians, insects, reptiles, plants and petrified wood that is about 280 million years old.

Tracks Are Smaller Than You Think

Dinosaurs are the primary thing that comes through your mind when you hear “tracks” and then comes the idea of large and big footprints, while in reality, the largest one is only the size of your hand and the majority is much smaller. Colin Dunn, a Paleontologist explains that there are 2,500 slabs of well-preserved prehistoric fossils removed from the area and those fossils can be found in museums throughout the state and nationally.


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Take A Glimpse Into The Past

Guests are highly encouraged to visit this area to explore and have a glimpse of the past. Grab the chance to have a better understanding of the significance of these discoveries. There are guided hikes offered and once you visit, Dunn the Paleontologist will provide you with a detailed painting of the area’s once different landscape and ecosystem and will point out to you those fragments that still remain.


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