Find a Wild Avocado in Albuquerque!

Tell us about your favorite fruit and why it is avocado? Many people like fruit because of the taste or the nutrition. Maybe even what presents the best benefits. We will guarantee that you will like avocados more with the information we have gathered for you!

All About Avocados

Avocados grow and are mostly coming from Mexico. They are tropical plants that are ideally grown in warm places where the temperature is between 60F to 85F. Growing avocados require plenty of water during colder temperatures and a bit less on warmer days. Avocado roots will need more air to breath so make sure you give them more than enough water. Just like other plants, producing the best quality avocado depends on how they are taken care of!

Health Benefits of Avocado

An avocado a day will make you happy all day! Enjoy the dietary fibers that avocado gives you with every bite. If you need more potassium, an avocado produces more potassium than a banana and it is one of the best fruits for your healthy diet. Add an avocado to your “green” diet to help you eliminate that excess cholesterol and lessen the risk of getting heart disease!

Wild Avocado Cork & Tap

A restaurant in Best Western Rio Grande Inn at Albuquerque will give you fantastic dishes containing avocados! Wild Avocado Cork & Tap’s menu list includes dishes such as Southwest Chicken Chipotle, Traditional Cobb, B-L-a-T and a local flavor NM True Avocado Burrito all with your favorite avocado fruit in them. Do not miss the chance to taste their delicious meals when you book and stay in Best Western Rio Grande Inn!